2016 Employee Ruckus

2016 Employee Ruckus

Lookout Brewing opened the doors on May 1, 2013. John Garcia, along with his wife, family, and close friends, remodeled a barren strip mall unit into the current tasting room and brewery starting in February of 2013. The first steps were very difficult and could not have been possible without the help of Garcia's parents, Rich and Patricia Jones. They temporarily moved to Black Mountain to help with the structuring of the company and the build out and remodeling. Once the business opened, Rich and Patricia decided to follow suit and open Good Hops Brewery in Carolina Beach, NC. As a family of brewers, the two companies work together daily on recipes and procedures to enhance the quality and efficiency of both entities.   

Lookout Brewing is constantly striving to develop new and creative recipes. The brewery has come up with over 80 quality beers ranging from smoked Beer-B-Q Rauchbiers to champagne tasting Saisons. Our personal favorites tend to favor hoppy beers and that inevitably shines through on the tap list in the tasting room. We don't limit our scope by any means and try to make the best examples of all styles. We love to create brews focused around local and seasonal offerings. From our local Riverbend Malt Company in Asheville to local fruit and vegetable farmers, a lot of Lookout Brewing Company beers utilize local ingredients. 

During hop season, buckets of fresh wet hops arrive at our door and get tossed in the boil kettle within minutes of having been plucked from the vine. They are grown at Hops to Brew Farm down the mountain in Old Fort and at Hop'n Blueberry Farm just down the road in Black Mountain. 

While we cannot claim to be an organic product, we would like to inform all of our customers that we only use GMO free ingredients.