Beer for Life

Beer is for life. Too many people feel guilty about enjoying beer. Here at Lookout, we have a different perspective. Try to start from the beginning and try to follow this:

Barley is a plant that has always been a staple in the world of agriculture and providing sustenance to the masses. As a plant and a living thing, it's entire purpose is to generate the next generation. It grows a seed. Within that seed is the next generation. The crop is harvested and sold to the consumers. Some of those consumers are called maltsters.  The malster will then take the seed and hydrate it. He or she is causing the seed to begin to sprout. When they do this, an energy in the form of sugar is created in the seed providing enough energy to sprout a root, grow a stem, and grow a leaf to catch sunlight for energy creation. The maltster then stops this process and dehydrates the seeds. They will then bake, roast, smoke, cook, and kiln the seed into a variety of varying brewer's malts. This is where beer gets it's main colors and malty flavors. The brewers will be the next consumers in line. We will take that malted seed and "mash" it. We are after the colors, flavors, and SUGARS(energy) in that seed. We extract those things and mix it with hops and yeast. The yeast becomes the next consumer. It will consume the sugars that the brewer extracted in the mashing process and excrete that sugar as alcohol. Then the brewer will finish out the process in any number of ways to create a finished product. That's where you come in, the final consumer. People drink beer for a lot of reasons, but if I were a gambling man, I would bet that many of them are after that slightly euphoric feeling that alcohol seems to generate. How can you explain that euphoria in any better way except that you are drinking the "Essence of Life" from that little seed. It might be the closest and best way to truly get closer to the creator by enjoying the energy that is there to create life itself.

Now, I'm sure it might take a few of you a while to soak this all in. That's OK, it will be alright. But it be a helluva lot better with a cold beer in your hand, wouldn't it?