Wild Yeast

Today we are doing an open fermenting experiment. We have found that the local yeast that is in the air around our brewery is particularly good this time of year. So, yesterday we had a batch that we decided to leave open to the air on out patio. It is not something we can do all the time, but we love this time of year and went with it. The beer was brewed with Pilsen, Caramel 10, and Wheat. The hops we used were Chinook, Willamette, Cascade, Centennial, and Amarillo. We also added about 50 lbs. of dextrose to boost up the a.b.v. and help dry out the finishing flavors. We are shooting for a pH of around 3 so it'll be pretty sour but not over the top. Our gravity finished out at 1.049 so not too high. If it fully attenuates we should have a beer around 6%. We will be dry hopping this beer, so the final product should be hoppy, light, crisp, and sour. It will be interesting to see and taste how it turns out. If any readers have any opinions on what we should dry hop the beer with, feel free to post below. We will be setting the beer out on the patio for the next 3-5 days until it starts to really roll in fermentation. So feel free to come check it out and see this process in action. Cheers y'all!